Selling Information/Tips

There are many steps and decisions to be made when selling real estate. To help you navigate the process we have created some information packed free guides for you to download.

Our Complete Selling Guide will walk you through each step of the selling process. Our Selling Checklist will ensure to keep you on track of each step and our Moving Guide will help reduce stress on the big day.


The Complete Guide To Selling Your Home


Taking time to prepare your home for sale can make a significant difference to the time it takes to sell and the sale price you achieve. Follow this simple checklist to help make your property more attractive to buyers or click here and download our more comprehensive brochure.

Complete Moving Guide:

Moving into your new home is an exciting experience. It’s a fresh start in a brand new property that you can customise and call your own.

During your move, you will need to organise an array of tasks, such as hiring removalists, setting up utilities, packing and unpacking. To ensure your move is as stress-free and easy as possible, use this guide to help you on your way, so you can begin life in your new home.


The Selling Process:


Choose an agent

Look for someone that understands your needs and that you get a good feeling from. This is an important relationship.

Choose a sale method

Your agent will advise you on the best workable method of sale. Market conditions and your personal needs will drive this choice.

Prepare your property

Some minor modifications to your property could significantly impact the sale price. Other modifications may be an unnecessary sinkhole. Chat to your agent, who will use feedback from buyers to advise you.


On the Market

Marketing your property

There are a number of different options based on your budget and the type of buyer you’re targeting. These range from traditional print advertising to social media, online marketing etc.

Buyer management

Team One has access to a database of over 10,000 buyers and we’ll get in contact with anyone looking for a property like yours.

Buyer feedback

During and after inspections, we’ll seek feedback from potential buyers. This not only gives an indication of what people are prepared to pay for the property, but also what modifications or changes in presentation could be made to increase your home’s appeal.


Finalising the sale


During this step a buyer is secured, an offer is submitted, and conditions are finalised.

Offer acceptance

If you are happy with the offer the buyer places an initial deposit.

Exchange contracts – Signed contracts are handed over to your solicitor and the buyer’s solicitor.

Organise final inspection

Before settlement can occur, an inspection is arranged so the new owner can double check the property conditions are being met.


Once all this is done, it’s over! The buyer is officially the new owner of the property and you have the money in the bank.